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Mom Boss

On Saturday, we were at the ball fields, and stopped to watching a friend's softball team play. We didn't plan to stay long; we just wanted to support the guys we knew on the team and I wanted to get a few pictures of them playing to send to their pastor, who is my dear friend.

As we watched, their pitcher took a line-drive to the face. (Broke his jaw, he has surgery tomorrow.) As the guys inside the fence were caring for him, they shouted for towels, so I ran to grab some. Once I got to him with paper towels, he was spitting blood, so I shouted for water. Someone tossed a bottle for me to pass along.

There were two medics on the field (other players) with him before I ever got there and the nurse showed up pretty quickly. My role was literally just helping grab stuff.

After things calmed down, the nurse thanked me and asked if I was a nurse, and - without even thinking about it - I said, "No, I'm just a mom." He said, "Well, that counts!"

After I said it, I chided myself for the word, "just."

Then today, I read Deborah's words from Judges 5: "I arose as a mother in Israel."

Y'all. Whether you're a literal mom or not, women are beautifully designed with unique characteristics, and they are VITAL to making things run well!

Israel was acting the fool and needed a mom.

I've always ranked Deborah as a military BOSS, and today I'm reminded that it was her God-given maternal nature that made her that way.

She isn't remembered for wielding a weapon or strong-arming anyone. - She heard and shared the Word of God. - She held people accountable. - She wasn't afraid to go into rough situations to lend support. - She cared! v.9 "My heart goes out..." - She was a ministerial momma.

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