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Ileana Seward is an author, speaker and pastor. Her second Bible Study is available now:
Rescue Redeem Restore:
God's Grand Plan Through the Eras of Judges and Kings: A Bible Study
Ileana loves to speak at special events where God is up to something good! 
She is ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene.
She serves as the Associate Pastor for Springdale Nazarene Church in Cincinnati.
She's wife to Ron - together, they are devoted to motorcycle ministry with The Priesthood M/M.
She is mom to James, a U.S. Sailor, and Kathryn, a college student, and mother-in-law to Kelsie, also a U.S. Sailor. 
Her passion in life is to share the love and life-changing power of Jesus with anyone who will listen or read!
This website is a place to find her books, check out new content on her blog, and book her for your event.

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Rescue Redeem Restore
God's Grand Plan Through the Eras of Judges and Kings:
A Bible Study

Rescue - Redeem - Restore. This is God's plan for us, and it is threaded through the pages of Scripture. As we look at the times of Judges and Kings, we will take away a ton of "What Not to Do" lessons, and some valuable "What to Do" lessons, and we will examine ourselves to shed the things that are holding us back and build up the things that will draw us closer to Jesus!

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Seizing God's Promises Fearlessly: a Study of Joshua

This Bible Study dives into the Book of Joshua and explores impactful lessons to help us better trust the promises of God. We will venture through the war and gore, and find a tender, merciful, powerful God who adores and fights for YOU.

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Book Ileana for your event. Ask your questions. Share what you got from Seizing God's Promises Fearlessly.

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